Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 9 - Thing 23

Learning about Web 2.0 capabilities/options will undoubtedly make me a better resource librarian. There are so many tools that make researching easier, faster and more thorough - and fun as well. I especially enjoyed learning about LibraryThing - it's the one interactive site I just might join for personal pleasure - I've always thought (or liked to think) that the titles in my personal library "spoke volumes" about who I am (or imagine myself to be) - it would be interesting to share it (my library) on the web and see what happens - maybe I'll meet a few other eccentrics (I know they're out there). Most of the sites I learned about I would need additional time on in order to become proficient and comfortable recommending/explaining to customers. I admit that I'm still wedded to hardcovers (for pleasure reading anyway) and have a hard time imagining myself reading e-books as a first choice - but you never know. I enjoyed the 23-Things course and would certainly recommend it to others.

Week 9 - Thing 22

Completed tutorials for Overdrive Digital Media and Net Library and explored Project Guttenburg. Particularly impressed with Net Library and ease of downloading digital media. Makes me wonder why anyone bothers purchasing at retail prices. Project Guttenburg quite extensive and especially nice that offerings are in various languages. The Shakespeare listings were comprehensive and nice to have questionable works (attributed to) also available for reading/browsing.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 9 - Thing 21

Interesting tutorial and search through various podcast directories. Particularly enjoyed babblebooks accessed through - although not quite sure what to make of the robotic voice narration - other podcasts that might be of interest to library patrons include ShakesPodosphEare (poetry and commentary) and Writers in the Sky a (podcast about the craft and business of writing).

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Week 9 - Thing 20

YouTube is one of the few Web 2.0 sites I was aware of before 23 Things. I have two teenage sons and occasionally they've shown me videos on YouTube. While many of the videos are quite funny - others are pretty much a waste of time. The language can be a little rough and the themes can be pretty mature/even offensive. It seems to exist purely for entertainment - although some videos are clearly satiric and satire can be instructive. Not sure what use the library could make of it (YouTube) - but it's a part of our culture now so good to have a bit more exposure to it as a result of 23 Things.

Week 8 - Thing 19

Explored Web. 2.o site (Lulu). A fun site for anyone interested in buying, selling, publishing or conversing with other readers/writers. Site is easily navigated with books/videos categorized by genre. Advice from Lulu users/writers provided on variety of writing related topics. Any site that provides synopses/reviews of books seems useful for library personnel empowered to purchase/recommend books/videos for collection. Also useful for customers seeking information on current releases/recommendations for books/videos.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 8 - Thing 18

Created a mock concert ticket using Zoho Writer. Great resource for quickly creating a variety of documents. Template library easy to access and quite comprehensive.

Week 7 - Thing 17

Enjoyed playing in the sandbox - pretty clever - and lots of fun reading people's posts. I've run out of time this afternoon so will have to go back later to add to Favorite Things.